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Neighborhood Nexus - What Is It and How Can It Help My Organization?

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Whether you’re looking for the best data to guide your organization, building your team’s data skills, or need a custom dashboard, Neighborhood Nexus has you covered!

About this event

Finding and using data to make decisions can be overwhelming, stressful, and frustrating. Neighborhood Nexus simplifies this so you can focus on impact.Join Tommy Pearce, Executive Director, as he introduces us to just some of the many data tools that NN offers to changemakers.

Established in 2009, Neighborhood Nexus brings better data and insights to the thousands of decision-makers throughout metro Atlanta.

Rapid change drives the need for more and better information. Neighborhood Nexus is a community intelligence system, providing data, tools, and expertise as a catalyst to create more equitable opportunity for all of the region’s residents. Their aim is to support a regional network of information-led leaders and residents, government and businesses, advocates and service providers with information, tools and expertise that meet challenges, leverage assets and create opportunity..