Public Good App House: Apps that Address Food Insecurity - March 2021

Wed, Mar 3, 11:00 AM (PST)

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Food insecurity affects about a quarter of the world's population and more than 80 percent of US food banks are serving more people now than they did a year ago.

How can we apply technology towards these challenges? Join our next Public Good App House demo event and discover five apps that address food insecurity.


HelpKitchen from Twilio

Helping to alleviate the problem of the increased demand/need for food during the covid-19 crisis. HelpKitchen's Twilio SMS app helps families in need find meals during these difficult times.

Hunger not Impossible from Not Impossible Labs

Hunger Not Impossible is a software platform that connects people with convenient, nutritious, pre-paid meals from nearby restaurants in a dignified way, all through simple text messaging.

Community Compass from Indy Hunger Network

Community Compass is an app that connects people with food assistance in Indianapolis. Users can find locations and information for food pantries, hot meal sites, WIC clinics, and WIC and SNAP retailers or use the chat bot to determine their eligibility for federal nutrition programs.

FoodSpace from Foodspace Technology

Foodspace receives photos of your inventory and translates the images into a text and photo-based online inventory for online shopping. It includes nutrition facts, barcodes, general item descriptions.

Rolling Harvest from MilkCrate

MilkCrate is an award-winning mobile platform with a unique way to create affordable and easy-to-launch apps for your volunteers, students, community members, or human service clients. Rolling Harvest partners with local farmers, making it easy for them to share their fresh, healthy produce with the food-insecure communities in which they live. Their dedicated volunteers use a new app built by MilkCrate to help with daily pick-up and delivery schedules from 40 farms and food producers.


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