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Hive Mind

Hive Mind is TechSoup’s space for digital activists. 

Hive Mind comes together as Community of Practice of NGOs, trainers, educators, and activists supporting local movements and grassroot organizations from Central Eastern Europe, Latin America, West Africa, Central Asia, and Caucasus.

Powered by TechSoup Global Network, Hive Mind is a safe space for the Community of Practice of activists and organizations to:

  • Develop their knowledge on how disinformation is spread and how it can be stopped
  • Strengthen their media literacy skills
  • Gain access to free online tools & resources needed to counter disinformation
  • Learn how to build positive narratives in the face of disinformation
  • Boost digital security skills/knowledge to stay safe online
  • Foster their digital activism skills for mobilizing wider support (online campaigning, building positive narratives)
  • Access dedicated trainings to build mental resilience of those civic actors who face constant attacks and pressure, focusing on their self-care and well-being, in the context of the war in Ukraine, and the continued aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together with regional partner organizations, Hive Mind as an online platform, offers free training, technological tools, and resources to help CSOs build digital resiliency. 

Hive Mind is scalable, and it currently runs in 8 languages besides English, i.e.: Polish, French, Spanish, Macedonian, Albanian, Romanian, Russian, and Hungarian.  

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The Future of Work: A Nonprofit Conference from TechSoup

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War-time Disinformation Landscape in the CEE 30.06 | 5 PM CET | 8 AM PT


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TechSoup Europe

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