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Kat Milner

Collaboration · Nonprofit · Entrepreneurship · digital media · online communities · education · content marketing

About Me

Kat Milner is the Owner of Create Your Change. After operating 2 successful Solopreneur businesses in the USA, she moved to Australia in 2014 and changed her focus to her passion, live virtual events and podcasts. Kat's superpower is "making the complex simple" and her true work passion is helping others become so clear in their message and conveying that to others, that they become as successful as they want to be, and able to focus on the work they want to do. Kat's other "passion project" is digital mentoring, supporting Australians aged 50+ to become more comfortable and confident online. She has received several grants from the Australian government to support her project, "Untangling the Web". In her spare time, Kat adores going on motorcycle road trips with her husband, Paul, and taking her dog, Oliver, for long walks on the beach.