Become a TechSoup Connect Host

Contribute to this site by becoming a TechSoup Connect events host.
TechSoup Connect hosts are volunteers who organize monthly networking and training events.
You don't need to be a tech expert to be a TechSoup Connect host. Your role is to be the organizer and recruit guest experts who will present case studies and share best practices to unlock the power of technology for good.

This opportunity is for anyone who:

  • Works at the intersection of technology and social good
  • Is motivated and willing to support and build a community space for other tech for good advocates
  • Is hungry for knowledge and wants to learn more about the sector
  • Loves building relationships and connecting people

Why become a Host?

  • Gain recognition as a leader in the nonprofit technology space, with support from official TechSoup promotional materials, social channels and newsletters
  • Become a leading nonprofit technology advocate in your local community
  • Provide nonprofits with the technology skills needed to do more good in the world
  • Join a global network of TechSoup Connect Hosts sharing resources around the world

What Hosts Do

  • Host at least 4 events per year
  • Serve as the leader of your local TechSoup Connect community and the go-to person for tech for good questions.
  • Foster a supportive environment for all attendees. Build relationships with your peers, learn from each other, and grow the sector as a whole.
  • Join quarterly check-in calls and update the TechSoup Connect community team on your progress.

How We'll Help

  • TechSoup Provides hosts with
  • Ready-made event templates
  • Promotion across the TechSoup network
  • Best practices from fellow leaders
  • Free tools for online and in-person events

Questions? Contact us at

Host Guidelines

Nonprofit Focused

TechSoup Connect welcomes everyone interested in tech for good, but our events are primarily for nonprofit professionals passionate about increasing impact with digital tools.

No Sales Pitches

TechSoup Connect events are designed for members to strengthen their community, share ideas, and learn from one another. Consultants and vendors are welcome to speak on relevant best practices but sales pitches are prohibited. Hosts should always review presentations prior to the event.

Always Free

TechSoup Connect events are free to attend, and hosts cannot profit from attendance.

Stay Active

We encourage local TechSoup Connect communities to meet monthly, but at a minimum, your group must host four events per year. If you have not convened an event in over three months, you are no longer considered an active leader.

We Encourage Co-Hosting

If you'd like to collaborate and distribute responsibilities, that's great! If another individual is interested in leading the events with you, let us know and we’ll set them up as a co-host.

Chapters are Independent

You select the topics, speakers, timing and venue for your events. There is no reimbursement for standard TechSoup Connect event expenses.

Your Represent TechSoup

You are a public face of TechSoup in your community. Events must be in support of TechSoup’s mission and use “TechSoup Connect” branding and events tools.