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Making Sense of Your Data: Using Insights, Analytics and Dashboards

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About this event

Working in the nonprofit sector is not easy. Even more when you are a youth organisation. But you are not alone!

Join the second event of Techsoup Connect Youth Organisation in partnership with the Italian Network Europiamo and discover how to make sense of your data and develop a way to measure and visualise your impact.

We often find that nonprofits are intimidated by data. While some are successfully collecting data, they are often failing to use it to review, learn and improve their work. Some are collecting vast amounts of data but struggling to turn it into insights. Others are gleaning insights from data but not acting on them. And this is a problem: "If you can't Measure, You cannot Improve!"

This short workshop will support your organisation to make more sense of all of this and share tips and tricks to "make sense of your data"


Wednesday, Mar 8
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CET)