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Social Media Bootcamp for Nonprofits

TechSoup Connect Ghana Chapter

Apr 22, 2022, 1:00 PM – Apr 29, 2022, 2:30 PM


Communications + marketingOperations + collaboration

About this event

Which social media sites should you use?

How to manage your social media accounts?

Who should have access to those accounts & who should speak on behalf of your organization?

In this event, we'll explore the tools available to help your organization expand in the digital world.


Canva - Take your graphic design to the next level.

Slack - Learn how you can transform your charity’s internal communications using this incredible tool.

Instagram - Dramatically improve your nonprofit’s presence on Instagram.

Twitter - Get beyond the basics and learn advanced strategies to ensure your Twitter presence is actually helping you achieve your objectives.

Video Storytelling - Learn a range of techniques to create incredibly simple, highly effective video storytelling content.

Animation - Get to grips with cloud-based animation tools to give your social media campaigns the edge. Bring fundraising, annual reports, research, service information, and more to life with animation.

Facebook Ads - Target and convert like never before. Facebook Ads allow you to reach niche audiences quickly and cheaply, bringing you even more donors, supporters, volunteers, and service users.


  • Desire Sackitey

    STEM Rising Foundation

    Chapter Leader

  • Kwame Asante

    WACSI / TechSoup in West Africa


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