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Social Media Strategy For Nonprofit

Mar 25, 2023, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Get Strategic with your social media campaigns

Communications + marketing

About this event

Join us for a workshop on using social media for nonprofit organizations! This interactive session will cover best practices for maximizing the impact of your social media efforts, including strategies for building an online community, creating engaging content, and measuring the success of your campaigns. You'll leave with actionable tips and tools that you can use to amplify your organization's message and reach on social media.

Whether new to social media or an experienced pro, this workshop will help you take your nonprofit's social media presence to the next level. So mark your calendars and sign up today to learn from the experts and get your questions answered in real time.


  • Desire Sackitey

    Bedeston Technologies & Consultancy Services Ltd.

    CEO and Co-founder


  • Desire Sackitey

    STEM Rising Foundation

    Chapter Leader

  • Kwame Asante

    WACSI / TechSoup in West Africa