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ONLINE EVENT - TechFun Fundraising

Nov 13, 2021, 12:00 – 2:00 AM

Having fun with technology to raise funds is the way to enjoy fundraising. Gamification is a technology that is setting a new standard in the online fundraising community. Join us to learn more.

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About this event

This event explores some new fundraising platforms that can raise money and awareness for your nonprofit, and most importantly, how technology can make your organization run more efficiently and effectively. This overview pays homage to some of the old tried and true methods, but will also focus on the new technology enabled platforms available online.

Our featured speaker is the co-founder and CEO of the newest fundraising platform that brings cutting edge technology, the cooperative spirit and team competition to fundraising events. 

 Let's look at some ways to keep the FUN in fundraising! 


  • Dorrelle Burnett

    CFCI Foundation


  • Linda Hansen

    Fund Duel Inc



  • Matt Souza

    Ascend NPO

    Chapter Leader

  • Dr Dorrelle Lomax Burnett

    CFCI Foundation



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