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Digital Literacy

Apr 2, 2023, 10:15 AM – Apr 8, 2023, 11:45 AM

Digital Literacy Event

Communications + marketing

About this event

One Week Digital Literacy Event is going to be held at Bishnumaya Pustakalaya, Pokhariya, Biratnagar.

Digital literacy is the capacity to find, assess, produce, and communicate information using information and communication technology. It calls for both cognitive and technical abilities. People can learn about new digital technologies and internet research in this course. Individuals pick up how to utilize and navigate websites as both information consumers and creators. Applications for remembering, comprehending, applying, analyzing, assessing, and creating are all explored by people. We talk about copyright legislation, cybersecurity, and internet safety. We explore a societal topic while analyzing and rating websites and internet news.

What will People learn?

People develop digital skills that will help with many aspects of their future learning and development. They will 

- understand their place, and the place of others, in an interconnected world and make educated decisions about the information that they encounter online.

- develop knowledge and understanding that will allow them to respond to, and evaluate technology of the future

- develop skills to create increasingly sophisticated documents and presentations

- learn how to become positive contributors to the digital world

- use digital technology safely and protect their own physical and emotional wellbeing.

- utilize web tools for remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating as a learning process and in creation of quality end products

- collaborate with others in identifying issues, raising awareness and gathering information.

- critically explore a societal issue that matters to you.

- find, learn, evaluate information online and integrate and share tools that will improve/challenge/inspire their own learning

- conduct research and develop an annotated inventory of web resources

- design and create digital projects using web tools

- construct new knowledge, understanding, and solutions to problems

- demonstrate proficiency and fluency in generating web-based content via web applications


  • SN Mehta


  • Isha Sunam

    Pracas Infosys



April 2 – 8, 2023
10:15 AM – 11:45 AM UTC


  • Prakash Upreti

    Pracas Infosys


  • SN Mehta