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How to Make a Free Website for Your NGO

TechSoup Connect Nepal chapter
Sat, Nov 20, 2021, 4:00 PM (GMT+5:45)

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About this event

Join this event to learn how your NGO can create a free website. 

TechSoup Connect Nepal is organizing event at Purbanchal University School of Management

Program Details : 

Date : 20th November 2021 AD ( 4th Mangsir 2078 BS)

Time : 4 PM to 5:30 PM 

Venue :  Purbanchal University School of Management , (F7CQ+JG Biratnagar)

Location Map : F7CQ+JG Biratnagar

Major Topics  : Create a free website

Using blogger

1. Make account in Cloudflare

2. Register .com.np domain using Cloudflare

3. Make Blogger.com account

4. Connect and verify bloggers?

Using Tumblr

1. Make account in Cloudflare

2. Register.com.np domain

3. Make account in Tumblr


1. Make account in Cloudflare

2. Register .com.np domain

3. Download free templates

4. Get free hosting

5. Develop website (Find volunteer developer)

6. Upload website

Digital Security 

1. Secure your online presence 

2. Malware , spyware, ransomeware, parental control , time bomb, logic bomb, DDOS Attacks etc 

3. Parental Control 

4. Website Security 

We welcome 

1. Journalists

2. Students

3. NGOs

4. People who wants to write blog

5. Or Professional blogger