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Online Tools Speed Dating Night Edition

Jun 10, 2022, 12:30 – 1:30 AM

What's your secret weapon to get things done and be more productive? Well if you have one, come prepared to share and if you don't, come to take away some things from it.

Communications + marketingProgram delivery + management

About this event

There is a wide range of low-cost or free online tools available to nonprofits today, to help us communicate better with workers, volunteers, and stakeholders, and work more efficiently.

We will be demonstrating many of these tools, and sharing tips and scenarios in which you might use them.

This event will be crowdsourced! We'll open up the floor for 5 minutes to anyone who has something to share. Don't bring a slide deck - just come prepared to share your favorite tools and techniques via a live demo.

This event is designed for experts and newbies alike. It's your chance to showcase the latest and greatest tools you're using.

This will also be a great night of networking, connecting, and inspiration.


  • Benjamin Arazu

    united pentecostal church


  • Brian Boncy