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Digital Fundraising Campaigns to Implement Now

Feb 8, 2022, 12:30 – 1:30 AM

Get ready to rock fundraising this spring, with an information-packed presentation about digital fundraising you can implement, pronto.

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About this event

Join Tricia Roseveare, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of ZGIVE as she highlights some easy and exciting ways to fundraise using digital technology. She will present how to save time, energy, effort, and make the most of your fundraising efforts this Spring!

Tricia is Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Found of ZGIVE, a top-5, state-of-the-art digital auction platform helping nonprofits simplify fundraising. Tricia also co-founded Give.Hope.Love., a nonprofit that provides resources to help foster kids thrive in the U.S.

Tricia established her career at Landor Associates, a top-5 global branding and design agency. Over the last twenty years, she has led domestic and global brands in brand strategy, design, insights, creative development, research, and marketing. Her career includes working with global brands such as Microsoft, Frito-Lay North America, Chandon Estates, Quaker Foods, Bradesco Bank in Brazil, and many more.

Tricia, in partnership with the CEO and President of Perspective Branding, created InspireTM, an innovative online platform, and methodology that redefined the way brands utilized consumer insights for design and brand development. Tricia led the strategy and research for InspireTM and was instrumental in helping organizations such as Quaker, Tostitos, Life Cereal and other high-level brands develop consumer-validated packaging design and brand strategy.

Prior to ZGIVE, Tricia spent seven years leading branding, design, and marketing for global nonprofit EMF, K- LOVE/Air1, and advising the C-Suite on brand strategy, architecture, and development.

As CMO and Co-Founder of ZGIVE, Tricia lives out her mission to help nonprofits raise money for their cause and thrive in a digital world.

Tricia lives in El Dorado Hills, CA with her husband Scott, and three children, as well as cats Kali and Dallas. She was awarded ‘National Businesswoman of the Year’ by NABW in 2002.


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