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Finding the Best Nonprofit Consultant for Your Nonprofit

TechSoup Connect Texas Chapter

August 2, 2021 at 11:30 PM UTC – August 3, 2021 at 12:30 AM UTC


Do you and your nonprofit need to hire a consultant? If so, during this presentation Sean Hale will outline strategies you can use to get a large pool of top notch candidates, and more!

Operations + collaboration
Program delivery + management

About this event

This presentation will be given by Sean Hale. As a finance and operations advisor, Sean is focused on working with nonprofits to ensure a strong back office to achieve their missions. He has served in the nonprofit sector for over two decades.

In his most recent post as CFO and COO for Mission Capital, Sean initiated a personnel restructure that eliminated the top-heavy, executive focus and replaced it with a more efficient and cost-effective organization with emphasis on entry-level positions. The organization's revenue saw grow by 30% year-over-year while maintaining steady personnel costs.

During this presentation, you will learn tips on finding a strong pool of qualified candidates that are just right for your nonprofit, about finding at least one candidate from an historically marginalized community, and how to check references. We will also set aside time to discuss Sean Hale's new venture with Sean Ramsey (who sadly is not able to join us on Monday due to a family emergency), Philanthroforce.

Philanthroforce is more than a consultant directory. "We're matchmakers. Philanthroforce matches the right nonprofit to the right consultant." The project grew out of conversations in 2019 within the Social Sector Consultants group, a semi-formal band of professionals based in Central Texas. The group saw a clear need to have a central directory of nonprofit consulting talent to facilitate more successful matchmaking between themselves and nonprofits.

Check out the website for more information, and link-up with Sean Hale and Sean Ramsey on LinkedIn.

See you August 2! 


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