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Bridging the Great Divide: Standardizing & Simplifying the Philanthropic Process

Jun 4, 7:00 – 8:00 PM

The current fundraising system is broken, costly, and unfair, prompting an initiative to improve it by creating a universal charity proposal, with a collaborative session planned for June 4th to discuss insights from over 100 philanthropists and numerous charities.

Fundraising + development

About this event

The current fundraising paradigm is broken. It's inefficient (costing philanthropists and charities over $70 billion dollars just in "major philanthropy" alone), it's inequitable (with only around 4% of Foundation dollars going to BIPOC-led charities), and it's ineffective (with major donors dropping out of giving faster than any other group of donors).

Jeff Golby and WellFunded.io are working with a group of Philanthropists and Charities to try to bridge the gap, in part by building a common proposal for charities to represent themselves. But we need your help. Join Jeff on June 4th for a working session to discuss some of the learnings from interviewing over 100 Philanthropists and even more charities, and then let's workshop how to build the perfect common proposal together.


  • Jeff Golby


    CEO and Founder


  • Eli van der Giessen


    Chapter Host

  • Ben Abel

    Abel Marketing



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