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Most Digital Transformations Fail – Make Yours Succeed

May 4, 2022, 7:00 – 7:30 PM

Tech Vendor vs Tech Partner. How to Set Up Your Digital Transformation for Success

Operations + collaboration

About this event

This thirty minute session is for nonprofit leaders that are on a digital transformation journey with a SaaS/Cloud provider.

You'll learn how to establish a relationship that will make them both successful. During the chat we'll talk about things that strain said relationships and what can be done to help get things on the right track. 

The advice being shared will help participants (re)focus on getting the value they sought when they first subscribed to the SaaS/Cloud solution, while ensuring that the next relationship they create is founded on transparency, accountability and mutual success.


  • Kevin Christopher-George

    GreenMerits Consulting Inc



  • Eli van der Giessen


    Chapter Host

  • Ben Abel

    Abel Marketing



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