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A Better Way to Find, Attract, and Engage Volunteers

Jun 14, 2022, 5:00 – 6:00 PM

Learn how to harness the power of volunteers by recruiting and engaging them in activities that support your overall mission.

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About this event

We have archived this event. You can view the recording here.

Working with volunteers is often a double-edged sword. You love the energy and new blood that volunteers can bring into your organization; however, it is often like herding cats, and you wonder if the effort is really worth it.

In this webinar, we will introduce a new platform that will help you harness the power of volunteers throughout their entire life cycle, from recruitment to engaging them in activities that are actually important to your overall mission. On the tech side, there is a robust mobile app for the volunteer and an admin dashboard for you the admin. And we have partnered with the good folks at know.careers not only to provide and deliver the technology, but also to work with you to communicate with and engage with your volunteers.


  • Paul Kim

    Know.careers, Inc.

    Co-founder and CEO