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Leveraging Public Data for Social Impact

Nov 8, 2023, 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Google's Data Commons team, along with food security experts, will share the vision for Data Commons and how TechSoup’s instance of Data Commons was used to develop initial use cases.

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About this event

Grassroots organizations need data about their communities to inform their work, measure their progress, and identify places where their constituents are not represented. Google’s Data Commons helps to fulfill this need by making public data an accessible and usable resource. It gathers hundreds of thousands of statistical variables from thousands of datasets and hundreds of sources into a repository that can be queried through a natural language interface.

In this webinar, Google's Data Commons team and experts on food security will share the vision of the Data Commons initiative. Presenters will also demonstrate how TechSoup’s instance of Data Commons was used to develop initial use cases illustrating the relationship between food security, farming, and climate change in the U.S.


  • Eric Cooper

    San Antonio Food Bank

    President & CEO

  • Emily Ma


    Head of Special Projects in Sustainability, Real Estate, and Workplace Services

  • Mark Mollenkopf

    Feeding America

    Vice President, Digital Platform Technology

  • Marnie Webb


    Chief Community Impact Officer / CEO Caravan Studios


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