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How Nonprofits Can Use Automation and AI for Good

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022, 6:00 – 7:30 PM UTC


About this event

We have archived this event. You can view the recording here.

How can nonprofits adopt artificial intelligence (AI) and embrace an ‘automation first’ mindset? Learn to use AI for good in this special event featuring Beth Kanter and four practical demos of automation for nonprofits.

Fireside Chat with Beth Kanter: How Smart Tech Is Transforming Nonprofits

Hear from “The Smart Nonprofit: Staying Human-Centered in An Age of Automation”. Co-author Beth Kanter shares how your nonprofit can reinvent work and achieve transformative impact with an ethical and responsible approach to adopting smart tech.

Applications Featured

  • Otter.ai — recording and automatically transcribing interviews, meetings, and lectures
  • Omdena — pairing AI engineers with social good projects
  • Keela — applying AI to fundraising
  • UInclude — using AI to create effective and inclusive job ads

This Public Good App House event is sponsored by UiPath.