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TechSoup Connect Taiwan

TechSoup Connect Taiwan 科技濃湯台灣以「科技向善」的宗旨舉辦線上和線下活動,將非營利組織和社會創新企業聚集在一起,協助建立社區、分享資源並發現社會影響的新機會。我們歡迎非營利組織、顧問、科技人、資助者、創業家以及所有熱衷於利用「科技行善」的人。TechSoup Connect Taiwan 科技濃湯台灣是一個在 TechSoup 的支持下所獨立組織的分會,致力於透過科技的橋樑連結有志人士並支持創新解決方案,以實現更公平的社會。

The TechSoup Connect Taiwan chapter hosts online and in-person tech-for-good events that bring nonprofits and social entrepreneurs together. We help you build communities, share resources, and discover new opportunities for social impact. We welcome nonprofits, consultants, technologists, funders, entrepreneurs, and everyone else who is passionate about using technology for good. TechSoup Connect Taiwan is an independently organized chapter, created with the support of TechSoup and in the spirit of their mission to build a dynamic bridge that leverages technology to enable connections and innovative solutions for a more equitable planet.



Nick Chang

Chapter Host
Civic Tech

Botao Lin