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TechSoup Connect Texas Chapter

TechSoup Connect Texas hosts online and in-person tech-for-good events that bring nonprofits together. We help you build communities, share resources, and discover new opportunities for social impact. We welcome nonprofits, consultants, technologists, funders, and everyone else passionate about using technology for good.

In 2022, TechSoup Connect Texas unified the efforts of several chapters, including Nonprofit Tech Club Austin, TechSoup Connect North Texas, NetSquared Houston, and NetSquared San Antonio. The club is managed by a group of committed Texas volunteers, free of charge as a public service. We welcome people of all backgrounds and skill levels!

TechSoup Connect Texas is an independently organized chapter, created with the support of TechSoup and in the spirit of their mission to build a dynamic bridge that leverages technology to enable connections and innovative solutions for a more equitable planet.


Upcoming events

Oct 12, 2023

TechSoup Connect

Mastering the Board Matrix: It's Not Just About Race

A well-composed and effective board is a cornerstone for steering the organization toward its mission. Yet, building and maintaining such a board requires a deep understanding and implementation of a strategic tool known as the Board Matrix. This workshop, "Mastering the Board Matrix," is meticulously designed to unravel the intricacies of the Board Matrix to nonprofit leaders.

Oct 13, 2023

TechSoup Connect

Nonprofit Technology Roundtable Discussion

Let's dig into our favorite technology tools for nonprofits!

Nov 8, 2023

TechSoup Connect

Grant Blueprint Project Management Design Workshop

Grant Blueprint Project Management Design Workshop is tailor-made for nonprofits that have recently secured grant funding and are on the threshold of kick-starting their mission-centric projects. This immersive workshop is geared towards fortifying the project management acumen of grant managers, project managers, program managers, and grant writers, ensuring meticulous oversight, accountability,

Jan 10, 2024

TechSoup Connect

Candid Canvas: Painting Your Nonprofit's Success Story with GuideStar

This event is a golden opportunity to learn from GuideStar/Candid expert, Becky Dinnin, and gain hands-on experience in optimizing your online profile. Unearth the tools and insights you need to drive your nonprofit’s mission forward in a digitally-driven world.

Past events

TechSoup Connect

Nonprofit Accounting Top Traps and Tips

TechSoup Connect

Coffee & Canva

Public Good App House

Public Good App House: Apps for LGBTQ+ Communities

TechSoup Connect

Want to start a nonprofit? DON'T! - All Things Grants



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