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TechSoup Connect Timebanking Organizations Chapter

TechSoup Connect's chapter for Timebanking Organizations hosts online sessions to discuss technology topics of interest to Timebanks & Community Nonprofits.

We welcome nonprofits, consultants, technologists, funders, and everyone else passionate about using technology for good. 

Topics considered include: TechSoup offerings, graphic design apps, creative use of text messaging, video editing, mobile scanning apps, Microsoft 365, Power BI, How to create a Word Cloud, Survey apps, and other topics...

Past events

TechSoup Connect

ERTC for Nonprofits, Faith Orgs, SMBs

TechSoup Connect

ClozTalk for Nonprofits

TechSoup Connect

Random Hacks of Kindness Jr

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The Future of Work: A Nonprofit Conference from TechSoup


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