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"On a Positive Note" with Jonas Cain

TechSoup Connect Australia Chapter

Feb 10, 2021, 12:30 – 1:30 AM


About this event

Humans are biologically wired with a negativity bias, where even just a single negative event can wipe out an entire day’s worth of positive experiences. The challenge is that we have an ancient brain experiencing a modern world and this trait has far-reaching effects on our performance and overall results at work in our relationships and for our health.

Join human performance consultant Jonas Cain for an interactive workshop to explore The Three Pillars of Positivity and learn accessible and actionable practices for facilitating positive change for the individual, team, and organisation growth!


  • Strategies for overcoming the negativity bias
  • The relationship between your inner and outer purpose
  • 7 change management questions
  • Four directions of influence
  • 3 relationship questions to answer affirmatively


Jonas Cain is a Human Performance Consultant, Positivity Coach, Learning Experience Designer, and Facilitator of Fascination. Through his company, Hashtag Positivity, he helps emerging leaders and their influencers initiate and manage positive change for the individual, team, and organisational growth.

Jonas is the author of ten books, host of the On a Positive Note podcast, and produces a FREE weekly coaching series to enhance your clarity, confidence, courage, and joy.

He studied social ethics at Salem State University, Learning Design & Technology at Purdue University, and is a certified DISC Consultant through the John Maxwell Team.

Jonas lives in Massachusetts where he enjoys climbing mountains, playing the ukulele, and spending time with his cat, Pumpkin.


  • Jonas Cain

    Hashtag Positivity

    Human Performance Consultant


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    Create Your Change


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