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Art of the Impact Pitch: How To Craft Your Narrative for Funders and Nonprofits

Oct 18, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Learn the storytelling and pitch techniques that are proven to raise funds and secure customers.

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About this event

We have archived this event. You can view the recording here.

Do you struggle to explain what you’re building in simple language? Is your pitch not landing with funders and nonprofits?

With over 25 years advising Fortune 100 companies, startups, TED speakers and impact organizations, Andrea Samson knows what it takes to capture attention in a pitch. In this 4th session in our makers series, she’ll detail the tried and tested ways of connecting with civil society organizations to realize your vision.

In this session you’ll discover:

  1. Storytelling techniques that can capture and hold attention during your pitch
  2. A pitch deck structure that makes it easy to craft your narrative
  3. How customization, conversion and stewardship will help you stand out (and make it easy for them to say yes!)

With these tools, Andrea will take you from randomly presenting features to concisely sharing the value you bring to funders and nonprofits that gets them excited to go on the journey with you.

Attendee Bonus: To start applying these lessons quickly we’ve prepared a Getting Started Guide with hands-on activities and an Explainer Document you can take and share with your organization.

If you’re left with more questions or want to go deeper, attendees have access to a live Q&A with Andrea Samson and our team.

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