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3 Standout Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Impact

Apr 5, 2023, 1:30 – 2:30 AM

If you want to increase the impact of your nonprofit, you need to be able to cut through all the noise out there. This is where standout marketing strategies come in!

About this event

If you want to be able to increase the impact you’re making then you need to be able to effectively communicate your organization’s message far and wide! To do this, you need marketing.

In this webinar I’m going to show you how you can implement the following 3 strategies to help your nonprofit standout from the crowd.

1. Brand Marketing – How to build a strong memorable brand and why it’s important to your mission.

2. Content Marketing – How to use your nonprofit’s values to create content that stands out

3. Email Marketing – How to increase your open rate and click rate through impactful storytelling

I understand that you don’t have a lot of resources to devote to marketing, which is why the strategies I’m going to share with you aren’t going to cost a lot of time and money.

10 years marketing experience working across nonprofits, small businesses and my own businesses has taught me how to cut through the noise effectively and efficiently to standout.

Effective marketing can help you secure more donations, attract new volunteers, and get more people interested in what you do and more importantly WHY you do it.

You will leave with content ideas that you will immediately be able to create and techniques that you can use to tell impactful stories in your email marketing.

This webinar is especially effective for:

  • Marketing Managers 
  • Communication Managers
  • Social Media Managers


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  • Kat Milner

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  • Bruce Nean

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