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How to Increase Funding For Your Programs

Oct 12, 2022, 12:30 – 1:30 AM

Seeking funding for your Organisation to continue running your programs or services? This 60-minute workshop will give you the tools to become even more attractive to funding bodies, but not for the reasons you may think!

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About this event

If you’ve ever had to apply for grants or seek outside funding, you’ve likely run into the conversation of explaining what you do - and why funds should be granted to your organisation.

One of the most influential ways to secure funding is having a proven track record of getting results - and long-lasting results.

Now before you think your program is flawless...

Know this - the world is changing. What used to bring long-lasting change five years ago, is no longer as potent. Shorter attention spans and stronger unresourceful habits are making it harder to cut through, and create change that sticks.

And that lasting change? That's what funding bodies want to see.

In this masterclass, you’ll discover:

  • How to know if your current programs are set up for long-lasting change (that goes WAY beyond setting SMART Goals!)
  • Quick tips you can implement to your existing activities & curriculum to increase the traction
  • A simple but effective way to realise the true impact your organisation is making - and how to easily track that so you have metrics to showcase
  • The go-to exercise that takes just minutes to do, but clearly articulates the differences between you & everyone else on the market (or in the funding circuit!)

Perfect For Organisations that:

  • Run programs as part of their services (events, camps, workshops, classes, retreats, experiences, interactive activities, etc.)
  • Are seeking additional funding for those services
  • Want to create lasting change in the people they serve
  • Are ready to receive actionable steps they can immediately implement to increase the impact of their programs


  • TK Byron

    Badass Beings



  • Kat Milner

    Create Your Change


  • Ryan Jones


  • Andrew Pitchford


  • Bruce Nean

    Digital For Good


  • Krithika Ramkumar


  • Amy Efstathis