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How to Leverage your Email List for Success

Jun 21, 2023, 1:30 – 2:30 AM

Learn how to use email to save time and meet your goals at How to Leverage your Email List for Success. In this FREE Masterclass, you’ll discover how to effectively manage your email list to increase conversions. Whether you’re new to email or looking to improve your email marketing, this presentation will leave you with valuable insights and practical steps you can implement right away.

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About this event

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool.

It can help you raise money, find volunteers and promote your mission.

It can help you sell products, sell out an event, and transform your business.

But here's the truth no one talks about… email is a long game.

It takes more than just emailing your list twice a month.

If you really want to scale your business using email you need to:

- consistently nurture & sell to your readers

- use metrics to optimize your copy

- segment your list & automate your campaigns

What if you could…

→ meet your goal for this years’ donations

→ sell out your next event

→ find enough volunteers to support your work

… all through email.

It’s all possible when you create a thriving email list.

And if that sounds like it’ll take too much time and you’re way too busy…

When you set up your email marketing strategically, you save time and effort in the long run.

And if it feels like you never know what to write…

You can lean back on proven copywriting frameworks that will engage your audience and inspire them to act

And if you’re not sure it’s worth the effort…

Email has a much higher visibility and conversion rate than any social media.

Join me in the How to Leverage your Email List for Success Masterclass and get everything you need to improve your email marketing and get a higher return on your investment.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Email Foundations: You’ll get a quick overview of the basics with tips for optimization. Learn what it takes to grow your list.

Nurture your List: Learn exactly what to say in emails, how often to email, and how to write great copy.

Segment and Automate: Learn to use segmentation & automation to meet the goals of your business.

Save time and increase engagement with email sequences that connect with your readers.

Q and A: The session will end with a chance to ask an expert copywriter questions to help you implement these strategies.

This Masterclass is perfect for you if you:

● are looking for more donations, volunteers or subscribers

● want to spread the word about your mission & values

● have a newsletter and want to up your email marketing game

● are new to email marketing and want to be set up for success

So if you’re ready to scale with efficiency and ease, register for the How to Leverage Your Email List for Success Masterclass.



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