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Understand your business finances and set yourself up for success!

Aug 16, 2023, 1:30 – 2:30 AM

Start off the new Financial Year right - make it a priority to give yourself the best chance of success - set up your business financials now and learn how to manage your money.

About this event

This masterclass is for you if:

  • You are feeling overwhelmed when you think about your business finances
  • You think business finances it too difficult to understand
  • You have no idea if you are making a profit
  • You feel there is never enough cash flowing into your business
  • You want to face the fear and start getting a clearer understanding of your business finances

It’s so much harder to grow a thriving, financially successful business if you ignore your business numbers.

If you are months behind doing your accounts and haven’t looked at your finance numbers in months then you are missing a key indicator of business success & focus.

Ask yourself this question – Do you want your organisation to make money?

If the answer is YES, then ask yourself why you are putting one of the most powerful indicators for your organisation to the bottom of your TO DO list?

It’s not your fault, nobody is taught about business finances at school and we have lots to learn when we work in business.

When we think about finances, we have so many stories that stop us from being excited about doing our accounts or checking our profitability.

Here's What You'll Discover:

  • The importance of mindset in creating a successful thriving business financially.
  • Ever believed that maths just wasn’t your strong point?
  • Have you found yourself zoning out when your accountant starts talking tax and finances?
  • Want to be financially savvy and have fun with money?
  • Practical tips for your business
  • Practical hints to streamline your accounts that don’t involve outsourcing everything
  • Simplify, simplify and then simplify
  • Accounting jargon with free handout
  • Reporting - Revenue V Profit
  • Which is reality & why
  • Free handout of Accounting Jargon in simple to understand terms

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to change their relationship with accounts, finances & money

With a solid understanding of your organisation's finances, you can:

  • Build financial wealth and enjoy a life free from the overwhelm of business finances
  • Get comfortable with money - how to spend it, make it and ask for it
  • Make better business decisions based on your goals

Make it a priority to give yourself the best chance of success - set up your organisation's financials now and learn how to manage your money.



  • Sandy Hanrahan

    Abundant Business Training



  • Kat Milner

    Create Your Change

    Founder & Chief Tech Ninja


  • Kat Milner

    Create Your Change


  • Ryan Jones


  • Andrew Pitchford


  • Bruce Nean

    Digital For Good


  • Krithika Ramkumar


  • Amy Efstathis