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Why your Business needs to be Size-Inclusive!

Mar 15, 2023, 12:30 – 1:30 AM

One in five people in the workforce are affected by bias and stereotypes that exist around body size and weight! That’s 20% of your workforce! Most of them won’t speak up, especially if they have a body that is larger in size…..what would it mean for your business if you change this? Join us for this eye-opening discussion on “Why your business needs to be size inclusive”.

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About this event

Did you know:

• 58% of people have experience weight stigma at work.

• Anti-Fat bias in on the increase - up 40% (Harvard Implicit Bias Test, 2019).

• Fat and plus-size women are paid up to $19K USD less than their straight-sized counterparts.

Until recently, body size has been the last frontier of Diversity and Inclusion. The lack of inclusion of people with larger body sizes has real work impacts to individuals, to your teams, to your workplace culture and ultimately to your bottom line!

What we’ll cover:

  • What is weight stigma and fatphobia and how is it impacting your business?
  • The business imperative for becoming Size Inclusive?
  • How to start creating a size inclusive work environment?

Easy actions you can take straight away to create a size inclusive work environment, including:

  •  Reviewing your DEI strategy & people related policies.
  •  Conducting a Size Inclusion Audit
  •  How to be an Ally to plus-size people in your workplace.
  •  Exploring your internalized weight bias

This open and respectful discussion is perfect for:

  • HR and DEI Practitioners
  • People Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone who is committed to creating inclusive work environments for all people!


  • Andrea Westbrook

    Size Inclusion Specialist


  • Kat Milner

    Create Your Change


  • Ryan Jones


  • Andrew Pitchford


  • Bruce Nean

    Digital For Good


  • Krithika Ramkumar


  • Amy Efstathis