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How to design healthy team dynamics to deliver successful digital projects

Mar 5, 12:00 – 1:30 PM

Following our November meet up when we looked at tips and practical tools to help move colleagues from digital resistance to digital curiosity & engagement, join us in this interactive session to delve further into the importance of healthy team dynamics in your charity, key to the success of any digital project or programme.

About this event

In our November meet up we looked at tips and practical tools to help move colleagues from digital resistance to digital curiosity & engagement. Join us in our next session as we delve further into the importance of relational roles and healthy team dynamics, key elements for any digital project or programme success at your charity.

Roles are collections of functions designed to help a team or organisation meet its goal. Effective roles are critical to the smooth functioning of teams. They ensure that the important tasks are carried out efficiently and create clarity about who is doing what. Roles become problematic when they become rigid or burdensome and when there is confusion between the person and their role.

In this lunchtime session we were once again joined by Alex Mecklenberg (Leadership and Change Coach, Organisational Strategy Consultant) who introduced us to a set of practical exercises to help build healthy team dynamics:

* understand the importance of roles for teams

* understand the difference between people and roles

* help create role clarity within the team

* enable teams to set roles with intent to ensure the success of a project or programme

* avoid roles exhaustion, role confusion and when there is the need for new roles in the team

We were also be joined by Janine Woodward-Grant who shared what The Carers' Centre learned about the role of people and culture in delivering digital transformation.

Access the presentation slides here.


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    The Legal Education Foundation


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    Department for Science, Innovation and Technology


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    Macmillan Cancer Support