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An SEO Masterclass: Learn how to do SEO the right way

Oct 11, 2023, 4:30 – 5:30 PM

You may have heard of “SEO” but cannot fully explain it. I will introduce you to SEO by explaining what it is and its true value to your organization. Come learn the benefits of good SEO and how it can help your growth online!

Communications + marketing

About this event

What exactly is SEO

SEO sounds like a ghost topic because there's so much noise online. You read two different articles about what it is and isn't, leaving you more confused than when you started. Join this webinar where you learn EXACTLY what SEO is and isn't by:

  • Understanding how vital it is to your website traffic
  • Why it builds trust and credibility with your audience
  • How to build brand awareness with SEO
  • How to create a long-term strategy for positive SEO

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  • George Woodard

    eLsqrd Media Group

    Website Marketing Manager | WordPress Developer


  • George Woodard

    eLsqrd Media Group