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TechSoup Connect WordPress for Nonprofits Chapter

Welcome to WordPress for NonProfits!

TechSoup Connect WordPress for Nonprofits offers the perfect platform to connect with fellow nonprofits, consultants, and website developers passionate about using WordPress to support social impact organizations. Connect with peers, learn valuable skills, and build relationships that will help you grow your impact.

Engaging and Interactive Events

We provide engaging and interactive online events like webinars, round-tables, and more. Our events are tailored to help you connect with peers, learn new skills, and expand your network so that you can grow your impact.

Expert Facilitators

Experts with extensive knowledge and experience in WordPress and social impact facilitate our events. Our facilitators help guide the conversation and provide invaluable resources and insights that will help you make the most of your WordPress experience.


Past events

TechSoup Connect

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TechSoup Connect

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George Woodard

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