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Open Up Your Website to Everyone: The Ultimate Guide to Accessibility

May 31, 2023, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

When you think about accessibility, you likely think about users who are disabled. This could be a physical disability, cognitive disability or sensory disability as an example. We’re going to cover some key areas of website accessibility that you should be aware of. We’ll talk about some common issues that you visitors face with your website and what you can do to improve their experience.

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About this event

Is your website accessible to all? Be inclusive to all visitors

Awareness about website accessibility is necessary.

Approximately 20% of the visitors to your website may have some form of disability.  The range of these disabilities can include physical disability, cognitive disability, or sensory disability.

As of recent, the legal impact of website accessibility has been growing around the world, and there are some big lawsuits around the problems disabled users have with websites. Over time, more laws will come into place to help provide a better browsing experience for everyone.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how assistive technology is crucial for users with visual impairments and how to test your website
  • Find out the changes you can make to your images, helping blind or visually impaired users to understand the meaning and context. easily
  • Discover the importance of the colors and fonts you use on your website and why these need to be accessible.
  • Learn why video and audio on your website need captions or transcripts available for disabled users.
  • Understand why an overlay or tool won’t make your website accessible, as there’s no such thing as a one-click solution to accessibility.

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  • George Woodard

    eLsqrd Media Group

    Website Marketing Manager | WordPress Developer


  • George Woodard

    eLsqrd Media Group